Sun Lee

Hi, I'm Sun Lee. Iā€™m currently Data Engineer at Taggers. I also belong to 92 Monkeys.

My real name is Younggyu Lee and I hail from Seoul. My birthday is on April 12th.

I have a lovely girlfriend. šŸ‘« šŸ„‘

Btw, My blog has a purpose: To tell about my interests. For example, complicated algorithm in a simple, understandable, and actionable way.

Up to now, I talk about Algorithm, Front-End, Javascript, but I will post soft spots for web development, for data science, and the natural sciences.

āœ” nerd programmer

āœ” interested in web development trends

āœ” fall in math and physics

āœ” love monkey

Statement of Purpose

āœ” Javascript

āœ” vue

āœ” firebase

āœ” react

āœ” node

āœ” typescript

šŸ™ˆ šŸ™‰ šŸ™Š šŸµ šŸ’

If there are any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.